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  • Simplified IFTTT + Insteon

    Last year, I wrote a post, IFTTT + Insteon, on how you could use Automate Green to integrate the IFTTT service with your Insteon devices. Since then, we have made a lot of improvements to the Automate Green Web App. This How-To will show you how to use the Web App to generate all the IFTTT Maker Channel settings.

    If sunset then dim Insteon light

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  • IFTTT Insteon Triggers

    This post provides instructions on how to use an Insteon device to trigger your IFTTT Maker recipe.

    About a month ago, I wrote a post on how to use IFTTT to control your Insteon devices. There was a lot of positive feedback, and a large number of readers are now using Automate Green with IFTTT to control their Insteon devices.

    If Insteon leak then call me

    For this post, I'll show you how to have ITFFF call you if your Insteon Leak sensor detects a leak. (i.e. If leak then call me.)

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  • Insteon REST API - Quick Start

    Earlier this year, Insteon released a public API for their new Hub (2245). The API provides a RESTful interface for your Hub. This guide will help you quickly get started using the new API.

    The official Insteon API documentation can be found at

    Insteon REST API

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  • How To Setup an Insteon Hub (2242)

    Adding an Insteon Hub (model 2242) to Automate Green requires some manual steps. If you know your way around your home router, it will be easy. You'll first need to setup your home network to allow our servers to access your Hub. Then, you'll need to tell us where to access it. Once the Hub is connected, the configuration currently on the Hub will be available. If you haven't configured your hub (via the Insteon App), you can use Automate Green to configure it.

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  • IFTTT + Insteon

    IFTTT is great and has a lot of great integrations with home automation, but no Insteon support - until now! OK, there may not be official support, but with the new Maker channel, we can make it work.

    If sunset then dim Insteon light

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  • WiFi Adapter for an Insteon PLM

    With the release of Insteon's newest Hub, Insteon removed the Hub's PLM interface. We've created an Open Source WiFi adapter to overcome this issue. The adapter provides secure access over WiFi to an Insteon PLM.

    The adapter is a quick demo of what an Insteon compatible Open Source Hub could do. We are currently working on an Open Source Hub with native support for the Insteon RF.

    WiFi Adapter

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  • Insteon Hub - Sensor API

    Control of Insteon sensors differs from other Insteon devices. Unlike many Insteon devices that control your home, sensors don't directly control anything. They are used to trigger changes. This means the API is not about how to control a device. Rather, the sensor API is about how to react to the device.

    This is part of our series detailing the functionality of the Insteon Hub.


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  • home-controller 0.5.0

    Version 0.5.0 of the home-controller Node.js package has been released.

    0.5 Update Hightlights:

    • Added events for devices
    • Added sensors support (motion, door, & leak)
    • Bug fixes
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  • Insteon Event Handling API Example

    This is an example of an application using lighting and motion events provided by the home-controller module.

    We'll be looking at how to use the following asynchronous event logic to make complex home automation logic.

    Lighting Turn On Event

    light('insteonId').on('turnOn', function () {

    Motion Sensor Event

    motion('insteonId').on('motion', function () {
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  • home-controller 0.4.0

    Version 0.4.0 of the home-controller Node.js package has been released.

    This release add support for thermostat and scene control. In addition, the code was refactored. The refactoring was down for two reasons. The first reason was to break out device specific functionality. Second, it enhances the API to support promise and callback code logic.

    Promise Support

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  • Insteon Blinking Node.js App

    This is a quick example of a simple Node.js application using the home-controller module.

    To start, we need to add the home-controller module to our package. (I'll assume your package.json exists).

    npm install home-controller --save

    We can start with the following template for using the Insteon class from the home-controller module.

    var Insteon = require('home-controller').Insteon;
    var gw = new Insteon();
    var host = ''; // Hub IP Address
    gw.connect(host, function () {
      // connected to the Insteon Hub
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  • Insteon Hub - Basic Light Switch Control API

    Want to control your lights with the Insteon Hub API? This post covers the details of basic light switch control with the Hub. This is part of our series detailing the functionality of the Insteon Hub.

    Image of light switch

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  • home-controller 0.3.0

    Version 0.3.0 of the home-controller Node.js package has been released.

    This release changes the underlying protocol used to transport the PLM commands. The API now uses the direct PLM over TCP interface and no longer uses the HTTP interface.


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  • Insteon Hub Raw PLM

    This post gives an overview of the functionality provided by the Insteon Hub's Raw PLM interface. This is the second of a series of posts about the Insteon Hub. The first post, Under the Insteon Hub Hood, focused on the Hub's main HTTP interface.

    The Hub's PLM interface is exposed as both a resource via HTTP and directly over TCP. This post details the raw TCP PLM interface.

    Hub TCP Flow

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  • home-controller 0.2.0

    Version 0.2.0 of the home-controller Node.js package has been released. Main updates include:

    • Adds several new functions to the Insteon API
    • Includes a new command line utility
    • Improves the package's performance


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  • Under the Insteon Hub Hood

    This post gives an overview of the functionality provided by the Insteon Hub's HTTP interface. Our home-controller API exposes the Hub's functionality in a Node.js module. This is the first of a series of posts. The later posts will detail how the API uses the Hub's HTTP interface.


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  • Selecting a Home Automation Solution

    When it comes to selecting a home automation solution, there are many options. I'm mainly going to look at the "do-it-yourself" solutions to integrate with Automate Green.

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