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  • Redesigned Web App and More

    The past six months have been busy. We have made many improvements to Automate Green. Here are the highlights:

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  • Introducing the Sensor Hub

    I am excited to introduce our Sensor Hub. Over the past seven months, we have been working on the Sensor Hub to provide an easy way to integrate sensors into your Home Automation. Today, if you want a sensor in your home, you have two options: a dedicated propriety sensor or a DIY sensor. For the DIY option, there are tons of cheap wired sensors, but they require knowledge of circuitry and programming to use at home. The Sensor Hub bridges the DIY gap and allows you to integrate wired sensors by just plugging them in. A single hub can support six sensors and three relays at the same time.

    Sensor Hub
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  • Scaling with Asynchronous Logic

    For Automate Green, asynchronous equates to scalable. We have a large number of devices to poll for status updates. Instead of the standard synchronous model of waiting for each response, we use an asynchronous model to scale without needing additional hardware.

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  • Automate Home Automation

    The concept behind Automate Green started with something my mother (and later wife) alway told me: "Turn off the light - you're wasting money." What can I say - sometimes I can be forgetful (or, as I prefer to think of it, focused on something else). There has to be a solution for my "forgetful" problem.

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