Version 0.5.0 of the home-controller Node.js package has been released.

0.5 Update Hightlights:

  • Added events for devices
  • Added sensors support (motion, door, & leak)
  • Bug fixes


Details of the API can be found on GitHub ReadMe Page.


Lighting and thermostat events were added to the lighting and thermostat objects.

Lighting Example: ```js var hub = new Insteon(); var light = hub.light('112233');

light.on('turnOn', function () { sendTxt('My light is on'); });

hub.connect(...); ```

Thermostat Example: ```js var hub = new Insteon(); var thermostat = hub.thermostat('112233');

var count = 0; thermostat.on('cooling', function () { console.log('AC turned count:', ++count); });

hub.connect(...); ```

Event Behavior Control

  • insteon.emitOnAck - Emit events when ACK is received
  • insteon.emitDuplicates - Emit duplicate events

Lighting Events

  • turnOn - light's on button is tapped once
  • turnOnFast - light's on button is tapped twice
  • turnOff - light's off button is tapped once
  • turnOffFast - light's off button is tapped twice
  • brightening - light's on button is held
  • brightened - light's on button is released
  • dimming - light's off button is held
  • dimmed - light's off button is released

Thermostat Events

  • cooling - thermostat starts cooling
  • heating - thermostat starts heating
  • off - thermostat stops heating or cooling (i.e. system is off)
  • highHumidity - humidity goes above the high humidity set point
  • lowHumidity - humidity goes below the low humidity set point
  • normalHumidity - humidity returns to normal levels


Support for motion, door (open/close), and leak sensors has been added. These Insteon devices' main functionality are their event triggers.

Motion Sensor

  • insteon.motion - Creates a Motion object
  • motion.status - Gets the motion sensors status
  • motion.options - Sets the motions sensor options
  • motion.clearTimer - Sets the clear timer timeout for the motion sensor
  • motion.duskThreshold - Sets the dusk light level threshold for the motion sensor

Events - motion - motion is detected - clear - clear timer expires after motion was detected - dawn - light level crosses the dusk threshold from night to day - dusk - light level crosses the dusk threshold from day to night - battery - the battery is low

Door Sensor

  • insteon.door - creates a Door object


  • opened - the sensor is opened
  • closed - the sensor is closed
  • heartbeat - informs that sensor is alive

Leak Sensor

  • insteon.leak - creates a Leak object


  • dry - the sensor no longer detects moisture
  • wet - the sensor detects moisture
  • heartbeat - informs that sensor is alive

Want a feature or function added to the package? Let me know; leave a comment, open an issue, or contact me @brandongoode